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Certified Compliance Manager (CCM)

Certified Compliance Manager (CCM)

Get certified as a Compliance Manager today!

The Certified Compliance Manager (CCM) training is a professional certificate program double-accredited by the IFC Canada and CPD UK.

This 5-day training reviews the current changes in the industry and the expectations of both regulators and the public on internal and external compliance issues.

It consists of 9 critical modules:

1. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)
2. Corporate Governance Framework
3. Risk Management
4. Compliance Management System
5. Compliance Risk Management (CRM)
6. Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM)
7. Internal Control
8. Ethics, Compliance, and Fraud
9. Anti-Money Laundering

-Develop quality skills to get keen insight into corporate governance.

-Develop the ability to devise & implement effective systems to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

-Identify business ethics and structure for corporate sustainability.

-Understand the integrated roles of various assurance providers within the organization and how to rely on the work of each other in creating value.

This training is for:
✅Compliance Officers and Managers
✅Risk Analysts
✅Internal Auditors
✅Board Secretaries and Administrators
✅Operational Risk Officers
✅Governance Officers, etc



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